Our Mission. Our Why.

Our Mission

Help men, and their families, improve their total quality of life - biologically, physically, and mentally - so that they can live a long, prosperous, and fulfilled life they love.

Our Why

This is Sam, our little brother. Sam lost his battle with mental illness at 16 years old on March, 13th, 2020. We were away for many months leading up to this tragic event - both on a mission for the LDS church, in separate countries.

The depths of darkness that came in the year that followed, battling sadness, guilt, and anger, can be understood by those who have lost someone closest to them unexpectedly. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and deeper and deeper it went.

11 months after Sam's passing, Jake and Joe turned to fitness. And in fitness, they found the solace and healing they were seeking. They became certified personal trainers and nutritionist with a keen interest the affects of them on mental health and wellness.

Jake and Joe's physical transformation was plain to the eye but what is less obvious is the depths they go to in order to hone in their mental and overall biological and micro-biological wellness - and in doing so they have found a passion and a vision that honors their late brother Sam's memory.