Lean and Confident 

Build the person you needed to become your whole life with the lean and confident method

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The Lean and Confident Method is the way for Real Estate Investors and Solar Professionals to create someone that will keep the results for a lifetime.

Community of REI and Solar Pros

  • Around the right guys in business and in health
  • Weekly Zoom calls to learn and implement and talk struggles with health
  • Networking and winning together


  • Rules set in place to help raise standards with your goals
  • Encouragement from other investors and solar pros 
  • Slack Channel set up for daily accountability


 "I can say being a member of the community its super legit! Has completely transformed my mind and body from a few low months to ultra high months. The people I am around inspire me and help me grow while keeping me accountable to the promises I make to myself. Environment is everything!"

-Evan Votilla 

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Chandler Vangossen

"Being able to grow in this community has been so refreshing to me and its helped me push past some of my glass ceilings. Taking on my health has helped me in business and with my mental state as well and has built my confidence higher than its ever been"

Mike Hochstetler

"So many years, I was crushing it in business but my personal health was not a priority. You guys are helping me change my belief system here!"